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  1. FDRDF
    1. Introduction
    2. Why FDRDF?
    3. Availability
    4. The instructions
    5. History

See also: AUTHORS | INSTALL | NEWS | README | fdrdf(1)


The File (meta)Data to RDF (FDRDF) tool builds a catalogue of descriptions of the files specified.

The descriptions currently include:

The current status of this package is: “bare bones”.


… There're a plenty of packages that aim at cataloguing digital data archives — such as the archives of digital audio and video records. Unfortunately, what we've encountered were the tasks which lie outside of the scope of such programs. Namely, it was observed that a typical cataloguing software:

This software tries a different approach:

Please note, however, that the modules themselves do currently use ad-hoc ?RDF schemata, and the particular keys (?URI's) are still subject to change!

It's expected that as the experience working with particular file formats' metadata will built up, and the requirements will be defined, the RDF schemata will be standardized.


The latest released version is currently 0.2. It's available from the following ?URI's:

The latest development sources are available from the ?Git repository at:

One may clone the repository with the usual $ git clone invocation, like:

$ git clone \
      http://gray.am-1.org/~ivan/archives/git/fdrdf.git/ \

The instructions

The installation is described in INSTALL.

For usage, check fdrdf.man (doc/fdrdf.1 in the distribution tarball.) For quick reference, look at the $ fdrdf --help output.


The most part of the 0.1 version of this package was written by Ivan Shmakov, August through September, 2010. The grib, file and gdalinfo modules were written by Svetlana Zelenina (with Ivan Shmakov occasionally looking over the shoulder.)

The 0.2 version followed shortly (slightly more than a week later), bringing some incompatible changes, new features, vast clean-ups, and improvements both to the code and documentation.

Ivan Shmakov, ivan (at) main (dot) uusia (dot) org.

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